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Pink Petals



Give your garden and home it's own unique look with our ever changing range of traditional and modern statuary, water features, concrete and metal garden art, arbours and arches.

Opening Times:

7 Days | 8.30am - 4.00pm


As the proud owner of Birchgrove Nursery, located on the picturesque Tamborine Mountain, we invite you to experience the perfect blend of nature and comfort at our enchanting establishment.

Nestled within our nursery is a cozy Café, where you can savor freshly brewed coffee and locally sourced delights amidst the lush surroundings. Our nursery offers a diverse range of garden features and decorative items to imbue your garden and home with distinct character.


Discover the allure of David Austin Roses and Delbard Roses in our extensive rose collection, cultivated with over two decades of expertise to thrive in the SE QLD climate. Explore our curated selection of maples, magnolias, and deciduous trees, each chosen to complement the unique climate of Tamborine Mountain. Whether you're seeking a scenic escape or premium garden offerings, Birchgrove Nursery is your haven of choice.

My wife and I stumbled onto Birchgrove Nursery during a day trip from the Moreton Bay area. Just driving around to see what Tambourine Mountain had to offer we did a U-turn right in front of one of their signs, which mentioned some hard to find plants we had been trying to obtain for about the last 2 years.

We ended up taking about 7 plants home that day and Nick, I believe, also ordered in several other varieties I had been after.

This place is much more than a plant nursery. There is a great range of plants, shrubs, roses, and trees, including fruit trees, plus a very good cafe serving Black Star coffee roasted in West End in Brisbane. You can sit inside, or outside in the sunshine and greenery and listen to the quiet and a few birds chirping. It's a relaxing sanctuary for a visit whether you are looking for plants or for a lovely little escape from the busier cafes.

Very grateful to Michelle and team at Birchgrove Nursery. Michelle took the time to look for a particular rose for me (which I could not get anywhere else in Queensland), worked out shipping costs and packaged the rose bush up very securely. It has arrived safely today and saved the day!

This was a time intensive sale, but Michelle was very gracious and helpful. She went above and beyond, sending photos and helping figure out the best postage option, and giving much needed care tips. Thank you, Michelle and team.

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