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Our Nursery



Discover our cosy Café, an idyllic retreat within our nursery. Enjoy freshly brewed coffee, locally sourced treats, and seasonal flavors, all while immersing in nature's embrace. Relax and recharge in our welcoming space, where the essence of our nursery meets a charming café.

Opening Times:

7 Days 8.30am - 4.00pm


Give your garden and home it's own unique look with our ever changing range of traditional and modern statuary, water features, concrete and metal garden art, arbours and arches.

Bridges, wishing wells, urns, swings, benches, lanterns, any of these can add the finishing touch you're looking for. Our experienced Horticulturalist can come out to your home and help you design your plantings and features to give you the WOW factor.

Recycled Flower Pots


With over 20 years experience of growing roses commercially, BIRCHGROVE offers one of QLD’S largest selection of roses. Our extensive knowledge of growing roses gives our customers the best quality roses available for growing in our SE QLD climate.


Fragrant varieties is our priority, including many old favourites, Heritage Roses, Modern Hybrid Trees for cutting, colourful Floribundas, and exciting NEW RELEASES.
POTTED BUSH, CLIMBING, STANDARDS, WEEPERS are available most of the year.


Elevate your garden with our feature and specimen maples, each boasting unique shapes that guarantee a WOW FACTOR.


Our collection caters to both warm and cool climates, offering Grafted Lipstick Maples, Weeping Japanese Maples, Acers, Tropical Birch, Tupelos, and Golden Ashes, among others. Explore our diverse range to find the perfect addition to your garden. Discover the botanical wonders that thrive on Tamborine Mountain while enhancing your landscape with our curated selection.



Enhance your garden with the timeless allure of Magnolias, both Evergreen and Deciduous, infusing your outdoor space with captivating fragrance and vibrant hues. Embrace the elegance of Evergreen varieties like Little Gem, Kay Parris, and Exmouth, alongside Deciduous marvels such as Black Tulip, Denudata, Soulangiana, Felix, and Vulcan.


These stunning blossoms adorn naked branches, creating a mesmerizing visual display. Elevate your landscape with our curated selection, as Magnolias take center stage, enriching your surroundings with their enduring charm and beauty. Explore our range to find the perfect Magnolia to transform your garden into a fragrant and colorful oasis.


Discover an exquisite array of Deciduous and Ornamental Trees at Birchgrove. As a premier provider, we boast one of QLD's most extensive selections of top-tier FLEMINGS Deciduous Trees.


Our seasonal collection features a diverse array of unusual and grafted plants, ensuring the finest choices for our customers. Explore the allure of Flowering and Fruiting Cherries, Peaches, Plums, Pears, Flowering Dogwood, Crabapples, Lilacs, Forest Pansies, and beyond. At Birchgrove, we constantly refresh our inventory to offer you the ultimate assortment, allowing you to adorn your landscape with the splendor of nature's finest selections.



Explore our selection of Standard and Weeping Feature Trees that promise to elevate your landscape. Admire the captivating grace of Weeping Cherries, Peaches, Crabapples, Birch, Tortured Robinia, and Mulberries showcased in their full splendor. Our curated range offers a visual spectacle that transforms any environment.


Whether you're drawn to the elegance of Weeping trees or the timeless beauty of Standard varieties, our collection caters to diverse preferences. Immerse yourself in the world of exquisite arboreal artistry as these trees take center stage, infusing your surroundings with unmatched charm and distinction.


Experience the enchantment of Camellias, meticulously curated to transform your landscape. Discover Sasanqua varieties, perfect for sun-kissed spots, boasting an array of colors and even fragrances. Elevate your space with miniature Camellias ideal for pots, or opt for larger cultivars perfect for hedging and screening. Immerse shady areas in the beauty of Japonicas and Reticulatas, showcasing their extraordinary blossoms.


Our diverse selection caters to various needs, offering a touch of something special to every corner of your outdoor oasis. Unveil the world of Camellias and let their botanical allure grace your garden with elegance and charm.

Pink Flower Bloom
Daisy Flowers


Unveil the captivating world of Perennials at our nursery, where the selection evolves with the seasons. Explore an ever-changing range featuring the timeless beauty of HYDRANGEA, CLEMATIS, RHODODENDRON, DAPHNE, LAVENDER, and cherished Cottage Garden favorites, among other delights.


Our curated assortment ensures a dynamic and diverse array of options for your garden. From the enchanting allure of flowering Hydrangeas to the aromatic charm of Lavender, each season brings a new chapter of botanical wonder. Elevate your landscape with our selection of Perennials, breathing life and color into your outdoor haven year after year.

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