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David Austin Roses, Delbard Roses, Hybrid Tea Roses & more

Visit us on Tamborine Mountain and experience one of southeast Queenslands biggest range of bush, climbing and standard roses.

We have been specializing in roses for over 30 years, during that time a lot of varieties have come and gone, some good not so good. The ones we love to sell to our customers are ones that are the full package, hardy good performers, fragrant ,good either as cut flowers or just filling your garden with colour in other words the ones with WOW factor.

We have lots of favorities out of the tried and true, its hard to pick from the diverse selection of David Austin style roses with their fully cupped big fragrant blooms, many cut flower hybrid teas which are perfect for creating a stunning floral display for your own home. All of which come in soft pastel shades to striking colours to please any gardeners pallet.

Our range can change frequently contact us for an up to date stock list.

Our favorite 06 roses



David Austin Roses

Effortless and beautiful, English Roses are the highlight of any garden, flowering every summer with ease and outstanding health. Their large blooms, famous fragrances and copious colour will bring joy as they magically transform your garden.


Delbard Roses

Delbard Roses are an exciting new collection from renowned breeder Delbard of France. All are possessed of a wonderful perfume and many are award winners at trials throughout Europe. They range from short shrubs to climbers.



Hybrid Tea Roses

Hybrid Tea roses are hardy, vigorous, long (repeat) flowering and disease resistant. This makes them ideal plants to have in large pots, as hedges or borders.


Weeping Roses

Weeping Roses are a climbing style of rose that has been grafted or budded onto a very tall rose cane.



Standard Roses

Standard roses have a single tall stem, topped with foliage and flowers, like a small tree. They are usually a modern rose or miniature rose grafted onto a strong, bare stem.


Floribunda Roses

Floribunda Roses are prized for creating a mass of colour by bearing many flowers held in large clusters – in fact, few plants can produce so much colour over such a long season.

Gardening Equipment

How to plant and grow a rose

We're here to provide you with expert guidance on the ideal placement for your cherished rose plants. Follow these key strategies to ensure the health and vitality of your roses:

1. Shelter from Strong Winds
Shield your delicate rose blossoms from the brunt of strong winds to prevent any potential damage. Opt for a location that offers protection, safeguarding the beauty of your blooms.

2. Uninterrupted Space for Growth
Select a site that grants ample space for your roses to flourish both above and below the ground. This eliminates any competition for resources and encourages robust growth.

3. Embrace Air Circulation
Promote a thriving rose environment by allowing sufficient air circulation around your bushes. Avoid overcrowding, which could hinder proper air movement and lead to potential issues.

4. Bask in Full Sunlight
Position your rose plants in an area that receives abundant sunlight—no less than six hours per day—during their active growth phase. This optimal exposure enhances flower production and minimizes potential challenges.

5. Soil Adaptability and Drainage
Roses are remarkably versatile when it comes to soil types, yet one non-negotiable requirement is excellent drainage. Should your soil be poorly drained or heavy clay-based, consider elevating your planting by creating a mound or using a raised bed. This precaution ensures that excess water doesn't impede the growth of your roses.

6. Premium Conditions for Pot Growth
When cultivating roses in pots, opt for a premium potting mix. This specialized blend offers the ideal nutrient-rich environment your roses need to thrive, ensuring their health and vitality.

At the Birchgrove Nursery, we're dedicated to empowering you with the knowledge and expertise to cultivate flourishing roses. By following these strategic placement recommendations, you're setting the stage for a stunning rose garden that will captivate and inspire. Happy planting!

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